Gun and ammunition sales soar as defund-the-police movement grows


By Chauncey Alcorn, CNN Business
upxed 10:42 AM EDT, Wed June 24, 2020

2020年6月24日 星期三

New York(CNN Business) Coronavirus-fueled fears of social unrest already had Americans panic-buying guns and bullets at record rates earlier this year. That was before the police killing of George Floyd caused an international uproar, leading to protests that, at times, descended into riots, arson and looting in cities across the United States.


Those circumstances and the rise of the Defund the Police movement championed by Black Lives Matter activists have led to higher sales for firearms and ammunition dealers.


"Anything that can cause people to feel unsafe in relation to possible physical crime to self, others and property can drive firearm sales," Southwick told CNN Business.


Semi-automatic handguns outpaced shotguns by a two-to-one margin as the weapons of choice among first-time gun buyers, according to gun merchants surveyed by NSSF.


The latest national background check stats won''t be available until July, but since Floyd''s death on Memorial Day, NSSF Director of Public Affairs Mark Oliva said gun sellers have reported a sales spike similar to the one caused by the coronavirus.


"People are coming off the fences and the sidelines and they''re making decisions with their wallets about where they are in this debate about firearms ownership," Oliva said.


Earlier this month, Ben Romanoff, owner of Pittsburgh gun store Ace Sporting Goods, told KDKA-TV that his shop has seen a recent increase in gun purchases, noting that the local protesting and defunding police discussions have raised concerns among a new batch of customers.

本月早些时候,匹兹堡枪支商店Ace体育用品店的老板本·罗曼诺夫(Ben Romanoff)告诉KDKA-TV,他的商店最近枪支采购量有所增加,他指出,当地抗议和取消警方资金的讨论引在新一批顾客当中引起了担忧。

Largo, Florida, gun store owner Jillian Biltz of Mad Dog Armory reported a similar gun sales spike last week.